Sunday, April 1, 2018


Is SwaggyCodes Legit Or A Scam?

Have you seen a post on a site called Swaggycodes on the Swagbucks blog?  They look something like this:

Example: "I got 90 SB free from this site here:"

Guessing so since your reading this right. Well as you probably figured this is actually an age-old scam site.  Its surprising they haven't removed their posts from their blog already. The above example is just one of many you may find on there. They will usually claim to provide Swag Codes worth anywhere between 50 SB to 100 SB.

SwaggyCodes Scam

When in fact they have absolutely no affiliation with Swagbucks what so ever. When you visit their site you will only be forwarded to annoying ad pages. Which you can rest assure they are profiting from. That's right no points for you. At least not from Swaggycodes. You can find Legit New Swag Codes HERE on I Want Codes as they become available. Along with Other Legit Codes from similar sites to Swagbucks.


 SwaggyCodes Legit Alternative        IWantCodes.Com

What Is IWantCodes.Com

Free Swag CodesIn short, we are a legit alternative to what SwaggyCodes claims to be and more. We provide Swag Codes on a daily basis. Usually at least one code each for The United States, Canada, and United Kingdom and Ireland. Sometimes more depends how many codes are made available on that specific day. Along with other codes for top sites such as the following:

Be warned some of the codes we post expire quite fast. So you will want to check with us often to make sure you are not missing new codes. To make things easier I would advise you to subscribe to be noticed by email when new codes are released. You can subscribe to all of our codes or you can subscribe to specific alerts from specific sites if you want. For example, if you only want to receive alerts for Swagbucks and InStaGc you can do that. Or vice versa if you like.

Don't forget we now have a chat box! Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, let us know about new codes, or just chat. Either way, we look forward to seeing you around!