Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Maximize Swagbucks Monthly Bonus

Are you new to Swagbucks or maybe just not paid any attention to their monthly bonus let? So, finally deciding to find out what it's all about? Great, you're in the right place! You will find a quick break down on how to maximize bonus each month in this post. Enjoy! 

Not a Swagbucks member yet?

Swagbucks Monthly Bonus

Activate Swagbucks Monthly Bonus 

We must first start with the Daily Goal Meter. In order to receive your Swagbucks monthly bonus you first must activate the Daily Goal Meter. It's perfectly fine if you have not done so already. You can activate it now or whenever you get a chance.  

First, you go through the activate button on your Swagbucks homepage after creating an account. 
Once you've done that, you are prepared to get going. Most tasks you complete will move the Daily Goal Meter. However, not every task you complete will do so. Tasks such as To-Do List Bonus, Swagups, Team Challenge Bonus, Swagstakes Wins, Comment Hookups, Courtesy points, Monthly Daily Goal Bonus, and Referral matching Swagbucks currently do not count. This is subject to change but should be this way for some time. 

What Is My Daily Goal? Swagbucks Earnings

Your daily goal is customized for you based on your past earning habits. Your Goal 1 plus Bonus is what your monthly bonus and Winning Streaks are based on.  You can also get what they call the Total Goal. This goal kicks in after you have reached your first goal. It gives you an additional bonus on top of what you would have already earned. You do not have to get your Total Goal to keep your Winning Streak going. 

Maximize Swagbucks With Winning Streaks

If you are on a Winning Streak you will get a nice boost to your bonus at the end of the month.  To figure out if you're on a winning streak hover over the daily goal tab. You can find it at the top of the Swagbucks menu bar. 

7 Day Star Badge = You keep your streak going for 7 days non stop. You will get a 25 points reward. 

14 Day Fanatic Badge = You streak going for 14 days non stop. You will get a 100 points reward. 

21 Day Triumph Badge = You streak going for 21 days non stop. You will get 200 points reward.  

Monthly Master Badge = You streak goes for the entire month. You will get 300 points reward.  

Important Tip: If you do not make it the entire month but you do manage to make it 28 days. You will get both the 7 Day Star Badge and the 21 Day Triumph Badge. Which of course equals 28 days and gives you 225 points total.  You may have noticed you will not get the 14-day Fanatic Badge. This is because they only give you the highest streak reward and not every single one.  So the fact they do add the 7 day and 21-day rewards together is a bit of a welcomed surprise. 

How Much Will My Bonus Be?

Your super close to reaching your goal for a gift card or other prize you had your hopes set on. So your crossing all your fingers and toes hoping your bonus at the end of the month is going to put you over! Well, I have a simple tip for you to get your fingers and toes uncrossed. The following 2 steps will give you a good estimate of what you should be getting. 

1. You will need to add up the total of each daily goal you earned for the month. 

2. Add any Winning Streak bonus if you earned any. This should tell you what you will be getting. 

Hey, I said it was simple. 

The total amount you receive will rely upon a number of days you made your goals. If you managed to meet your Daily Goal each day you should see a nice bonus.

When Will I Get My Bonus Each Month?

You can expect your bonuses to come in between the very first day of the month to the 5th each month. Is it already the 5th but still no extra points? Well, you may have forgotten to claim your bonus. You will have 10 days to lay claim to your bonus every month or you will lose it. That is right if you do not use the site for some reason for a few weeks your entire bonus could be forfeited. So please keep an eye on the site if you do not want to lose it. 

Swagbucks does make an effort to alert you that each month. They will notify you via your Email, mobile message, Inbox messages on the site its self, and within the Daily Goal Meter.
It only takes a few seconds to claim your bonus. It's just a way for them to keep you checking the site regularly. 

I Want Codes would love to hear about your experience reaching your Swagbucks Goals in the comments below. Do you reach your total monthly Goal every month?!

Thanks for reading and as always, keep grinding away a penny at a time!