Get the Latest Codes for InstaGC. - What are InstaGC Point Booster Codes?

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Instagc point booster codes will earn you free points when you enter a code at Whats GIFT CARDS or even CASH.
even better is those points can be exchanged for.

Instagc Codes

3 types of Instagc codes

Instagc Point Booster CodesAdmin-Generated Codes - These codes are found on mainly on social media such as Facebook or Twitter.

Member-Generated Codes - These codes are made by members of the site and therefore can be found anywhere they choose to post their codes. Often times that place tends to be in the Instagc Chatbox. These have a limited amount of uses. The number of uses will depend on how many points the code is worth as well as how many total points the member is willing to give away. Say for instance they are willing to give away 200 points. If each code is with 25 points the code can only be used 8 times. We do not post these codes here because of InstaGC highly discourages the sharing of other members codes. Which is perfectly reasonable and we abide by that.

8 X 25 = 200

System-Generated Codes - You will find these only in the Chat Box at Instagc. The downside to these is you have to be quick since only a limited amount is available much like the member-generated ones.  Also since you have no idea when they will be posted if you are not hanging out in the chat quite often you will be lucky to get these to work.


For the Admin-Generated or System-Generated point booster codes you have to be what InstaGC considers an active member. This is important for I Want Code members since these are the codes you primarily find here on this site. To be considered an active member you or at least one of your referrals must have been credited for the minimum of 1 task in the previous 5 days.  For the Member-Generated codes, it makes no difference how active you are they will still work as long as the code still has uses left.

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